Autumn Colours

The weather is getting cooler with crisp mornings and chilly nights. Days are getting shorter and our wardrobes are gradually changing from summer dresses and shorts to long sleeves and cuddly pyjamas – and it is time to start warming up our homes in preparation for the winter months ahead.

Autumn is the season for subtle changes that mirror nature’s transition into a period of hibernation and it is an ideal time for us to make a change in our interiors. The process of warming up your home need not be drastic – it can be simple and inexpensive, if done correctly can be effective and will offer a cosy and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Colour plays an important role in warming a space and changing the atmosphere from light, cool and airy to warm, inviting and snug. Rich burgundy red, burnt orange, golden yellow or shades of plum and mauve paired with warm beiges, chocolate browns and ivory will bring nature’s changes into your home and turn your interiors into a comfortable haven from the impending chill.

Of course it is important to remember that warm colours – particularly the darker hues – have an advancing effect and can make a space appear smaller. It is important to maintain balance depending on the individual space to create an atmosphere that does not exceed cosy.

Making changes to your interiors can be daunting and many people are uncertain when it comes to experimenting with colour – especially when the changes involved are significant and costly. An experienced decorator will suggest colours, patterns and textures that will ensure a well-balanced interior scheme that achieves your desired look and feel, and will help you use your existing interior elements to their full potential.

Whether you are looking for a whole new look or just a few accents to finish off your autumn interior, having professional advice can be a great asset and can give you wonderful inspiration and confidence and the end result will be its own reward.

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