Workshop: Table Setting and Decor

Robins Nest Interiors , in collaboration with Plates and Things, recently organized a table setting and decor workshop. Penny Foyn (KGG Community) very kindly hosted the event in her beautiful home, which offered the perfect setting overlooking the Knysna Heads.

A morning and an evening event allowed for the use of different light to set the mood for 3 different themes which were; Indian, Country Rustic and Fine Dining. The workshop also included some fun napkin folding exercises, along with networking opportunities and socializing over delicious snacks, wine and champaign.

After a few glasses of bubbly the excitement mounted as lucky draw prizes such as designer scatters, placemat and table runner sets, discounts off fabric purchases and decor consultations delighted the winners.

The workshops were thoroughly enjoyed and they were not only worthwhile from a community point of view, but also rewarding. The money raised was donated to a pre-school, recommended by Knysna Education Trust (KET), who were in desperate need of funds to obtain their registration.

The Robins Nest Team followed through a few weeks later and visited Jaydines pre-school to donate the funds raised, including other items such as crayons, puzzles, educational cards, playdough, paint and bean bags. This gesture was greatly appreciated by the teachers who have seemingly little in the way of education tools at their disposal.

Inspired by the experience, Robins Nest Interiors in Knysna has officially selected Jaydine’s pre-school as a beneficiary to funds that will be raised at future workshops. They hope to provide further platforms, tools and exciting spaces for the children and teachers to benefit from.

Projects such as painting, shelving, storage opportunities, educational tools and playground facilities are a few of the needs that have been recognized which aim to uplift the current educational environment.



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